William Baldwin brands Donald Trump a hypocrite

William Baldwin

Actor William Baldwin has accused Donald Trump of hypocrisy following allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Flatliners star previously accused the US President of gatecrashing one of his parties and making advances to his wife.

Now he has tweeted: “I was never pissed at Trump for hitting on my wife. Honestly … my friends thought it was a riot at the time. Everybody flirts … I got no problem with that.

“I resent the hypocrisy of Trump pointing the finger at (Democratic Senator) Al Franken while ‘more than a dozen’ women have accused HIM of sexual misconduct.”

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The actor previously said he once held an event at New York’s Plaza Hotel where Trump invited Baldwin’s wife, Chynna Phillips, to join him on his helicopter.

Baldwin made the accusation in response to a tweet from the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr, about allegations of sexual impropriety against Democratic Senator Franken.

Baldwin replied to the tweet: “Your Dad is a 5th degree black belt when it comes to sexual impropriety allegations.

“In fact … I once had a party at the Plaza Hotel … your father showed up uninvited; hit on my wife … invited her on his helicopter to Atlantic City.

“She showed his fat ass the door.”

More than a dozen women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

Many of the allegations against the president emerged during his election campaign against Hillary Clinton, after a 2005 tape of him bragging about kissing and groping women was released.

He has denied all of the allegations made against him.