New Venom trailer shows Tom Hardy’s full transformation


The writer of the comic book Venom has praised a new trailer for the film, saying “this is dope”.

Based on the Marvel comic of the same name, the big screen adaptation stars Tom Hardy as journalist Eddie Brock, who becomes Venom.

Watch the new trailer below!

Venom comic book writer Donny Cates commented on Twitter following the release of a new trailer by film studio Sony at the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas.

He wrote: “Hi. Writer of the Venom comic here. Just wanted to stop by and say this is dope #WeAreVenom”

Other stars featuring in the trailer are Michelle Williams, who plays Hardy’s love interest, and Riz Ahmed, who is Carlton Drake.

The trailer ends with a full look at Hardy as he transforms into character.

Fans praised Sony’s reveal of Venom, with many sharing the last few seconds of trailer footage of the transformation.

Venom will be release in October